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Hi Judith,

My sister Susan met you the other day on a flight on Southwest.  Susan was the flight attendant that asked you to pray for me and my surgery on my mouth.  My surgery went well and the doctor was sure he got all the cancer.  I am not pain free but with a little medicine I am comfortable.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your well wishes and prayers.  I knew going into surgery that I was in Gods hands and I was comforted.  Thank you again!  I also ask you to keep my sister in your thoughts and prayers as she heals her body and soul.  Please pray she has the wisdom and guidance she needs to proceed with the plan God has for her.  Please pray she is still enough to hear Him.
I want you to know her meeting you was not just by chance.  You made an impact that inspired my sister.  Thank you for that.
Sending a big tight hug from St. Louis!

Sandy Davis


Memorial for Dorothy R. Kolenich – President of the World Apostolate of Fatima – Byzantine Warren/Youngstown, OH Chapter.

By Catherine Moran, her daughter

Born May 6, 1927
Died June 30, 2014

Dorothy Kolenich was the eldest of 11 brothers and sisters.  Her mother was very devoted and raised her children to love God and Our Lady, especially her rosary.  Dorothy obtained her deep love and devotion for the Mother of God and her rosary from her mother’s example.  Although she did not know of the requests of Our Lady of Fatima until later in her life, she lived the message.  She prayed her rosary- sometimes many rosaries, everyday, wore her brown scapular, which she received at her first communion and offered up her daily duties.  She had 5 children, and although she would have loved to have attended daily Mass, she realized her vocation was to be a wife and mother first. She did not let anything interfere with this duty. Daily mass came later when her youngest was in high school.

Dorothy, along with her daughter Catherine (Katie) Moran, resurrected the World Apostolate of Fatima – Byzantine Warren/Youngstown, OH Chapter in 1978.  They originally planned on starting a chapter, but found out through their pastor, Monsignor Sylvester Hladky, of Sts. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church in Warren, OH, that the Eparachy of Pittsburgh, PA already had a charter for a chapter since the early 1950’s. She later found out that it was one of the first Blue Army chapters (WAF was originally called the Blue Army) started to promote and spread the message of Our Lady of Fatima. They restarted the chapter for the main purpose of bringing the Pilgrim Virgin of Our Lady of Fatima, Custodian, Louis Kaczymarek, to the diocese. Dorothy wanted to bring to the Mahoning Valley the many graces and blessings that come with this visitation.

Before bringing the Pilgrim Virgin Statue to her diocese, Dorothy realized that there was much work to do first.  She started several rosary-making groups throughout the area so that she would have rosaries needed to give to people during the visitation.  She researched and found where scapulars could be purchased or made.  With a twenty-one day visitation scheduled, she realized she would need thousands of rosaries and scapulars to give away.  Money would also be needed to advertise the visitation.   With the help of her daughter, Katie – (Secretary of the Chapter), they had bake sales and did craft shows to raise the money needed.  Dorothy also contributed money from her household  fund.

It became apparent that Dorothy was a gifted organizer so, together with her daughter, the churches were contacted and the advertising plan laid out. This first visitation in 1983 was an astounding success.  All the churches were filled and overflowing with people. The police had to come out to handle the traffic jams. All the churches had all night vigils, many with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.  Everyone who came, received free a booklet on Fatima, as many rosaries and brown scapulars as they needed, along with instructions on  how to pray the rosary and a brief history of the brown scapular. I later found out that the visitation was so successful because my mother prayed everyday to Jesus, telling him that it was up to Him to make sure His Mother was not disappointed and that the churches would be full.  She told Him she would do her part and He had to do His part.

My mother and I sponsored this same image again in 1986 for 30 days, with the same result. What we  learned from the people in our area during the first visitation was that they had no problem with accepting and following Our Lady’s peace plan.  When the people were asked what was the plan, she or I would say, “Pray the rosary every day.” The answer for this request was always, “I already pray the rosary every day.”  Next they were told to wear the Brown Scapular as a sign of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Again the answer was, “I received a brown scapular years ago at my first communion.  I did not know we should wear it.  Please give me one to wear.”  Finally they were told to offer up their daily duties for the conversion of sinners.  Again it was accepted. Thousands signed the pledge to do this.  My mother later found out that the people in our area had not let their devotion to Mary die. It is still here and very strong. We just needed Our Lady’s statue to come and bring the area’s love of her to the surface once again.

Because of the two visitations in 1983 and 1986, great graces and blessings have come to our area. We held several conferences on various topics on the Catholic Faith. The speakers for these conferences were well known and famous.  Also, many  parishes, including my mother’s parish, instituted Eucharistic adoration.  We established First Friday all-night vigils and sponsored the International Rosary March in October and May for years. In subsequent years, we offered week-long summer retreats.  Throughout the year, I (Catherine Moran, her daughter), spoke on the Fatima message all over northeast Ohio to churches, adult groups, prayer groups and to school children all over the diocese. I am  still speaking on the Fatima message today to groups. Dorothy also started giving a first communion packet to all the Catholic schools. The packet included  a rosary, a brown scapular, a first communion remembrance card and a booklet with the story of Fatima. Initially we had to contact the schools asking if they wanted the packet, but within a year or two, the schools called us asking for the packets.

Dorothy established a program where children would visit the nursing homes and pray the rosary at least once or twice a year. We contacted funeral homes asking for any flower baskets that could be donated to us. We took the flowers out of the baskets and had the children make small bouquets of flowers to give to the patients in the nursing homes.

Throughout the years, my mother was always helping some group to learn how to make rosaries. Many of these groups are still making rosaries today. The rosaries are sent to the missions unless they are needed for a function.  My mother and I brought the United Nations Pilgrim Virgin Statue – Custodian Judy Studer – again to the area for further graces and blessings.  This was in 2012 for 5 days and again in 2013 for 2 weeks.  My mother prayed for the churches to be full – and they were.  A new generation learned about the Fatima message and Our Lady’s Peace plan from heaven. A new generation embraced the message and again thousands of rosaries and Brown Scapulars were given away. Our Lord outdid Himself in filling the churches, both times. FOX 8 news, from Cleveland, OH came, on their own, and made the visitation a major news headline.  People came from 2-5 hours away came to see and honor Our Heavenly Mother. Judy Studer, the custodian, can attest to the spiritual success of both visits.

Three years ago my mother again established a monthly visit to a nursing home to pray the rosary with the patients. These patients were the ones who built their parishes and prayed the rosary before masses. Seeing the love in their eyes when we would gather to pray the rosary with them was edifying. Dorothy had her own small Pilgrim Virgin Statue that we took to the nursing homes when we prayed the rosary.

Looking back over the years at my mother’s great love and devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and her dedication in spreading her message and peace plan, I am amazed. I was just her helper. We would plan and talk about ways to spread the message of Fatima and then just do it. My own love of my faith and deep devotion to Our Heavenly Mother and her rosary came from my mother’s example. Children learn by seeing and doing, not by words. To paraphrase St. Francis, my mother preached the faith to her children, and when necessary she used words. Her physical presence and love are greatly missed by her family and friends. But I know she is still with us in spirit, helping all of us attain what she now possesses in Heaven:  the eternal joy of being in the presence of God, His Mother and all the saints.


I just wanted to let someone know how the Blessed Mother has healed my daughter. Two years ago, my daughter (who is now 7) was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Henoch Scholen Purpura.

It is a disorder that causes painful purple splotches all over her skin along with arthritis in all of her joints. The disorder progressed to her kidneys and she had to be placed on anti hypertensive and immunosuppressant medications to maintain the integrity of the kidneys and prevent scar tissue from forming. Some children develop such severe kidney failure that they have to be placed on dialysis. My daughter had to undergo ultrasounds and biopsies along with the pain of this disease.

After hearing about the statue’s return to the area, my family went to see the Fatima Statue in Youngstown, OH (an hour long ride, but well worth it). We placed the First Class Relics(Jacinta and Francisco, and the piece of the holmok tree), over my daughter’s kidneys. When we went to our home parish the next day, we saw that she would be traveling to St. Barnabas Church so we visited again. We have never given up hope that the Blessed Mother would answer our prayers.

When we went to the nephrologist yesterday, not only did she say we could discontinue the immunosupressant, but that my daughter’s lab tests were “perfect”! Something we have not heard for almost two years! Again, I just needed to let you know that I believe a miracle has happened! Please share this miraculous news to everyone you know!          BC Cleveland,Ohio



It all began a few months ago when my wife and I were trying to conceive a baby. We tried for almost a year and were not having any luck at all. We attended different doctors to figure out why and couldn’t find the answer. On top of all this my wife’s mother had lost her vision and we were really feeling down. But one day we read in the Catholic newspaper that the Lady of Fatima statue, its custodian and 1st Class relics were coming to a church near our home. So my wife said that she was going to attend and visit the church but I was unable to due to work.
As she knelt in prayer to Our Lady for her intercession to Jesus, my wife said she could feel a connection that left her breathless! She was unable to take her eyes off of Mary’s image. My wife continued to pray very diligently.
Then, about two weeks later we went to the doctor and found out that we are expecting a baby. And my wife’s mother has regained vision in both eyes. My wife and I are now fifteen weeks pregnant and are so grateful. Not only did we receive one miracle but we received two of them!
LH- OHIO 11/22/12